Purify - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

Purify - Deep Cleansing Face Mask

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Purify is a deep cleansing face mask designed to wash away any impurities, soften and hydrate your skin. With anti-ageing effects, Purify can be used on all skin types, due to its unique blend of natural ingredients. This face mask will deeply cleanse your pores and gently remove any excess oils, without imbalancing your skins natural moisture levels. A unique combination of Japanese Charcoal, Moroccan Red Clay, Organic Citrus Juice and African Arabica Extract, creates an iron-rich skin detoxing mask. The Arabica reduces fine ageing lines and unclogs pores and more rooted impurities, while the Japanese Charcoal and Red Clay blend, tones, conditions and traps toxins and bacteria, that are washed away. Purify is perfect for those who want to add a little face TLC to their grooming regime.

How to use...
1. Cleanse your skin and pat dry.
2. Dispense a few pumps of the face mask into the palm of one hand.
3. Using the other hand, apply a thin layer of the face mask onto your face (avoiding the eyes).
4. Leave on your skin for 15 minutes and remove with a damp grooming towel, then pat dry.
5. Use once a week for optimal results.

• Cruelty free & handcrafted in the UK.
• Paraben & Sulphate free.

Product Code: 100FC
Size: 50ml