Barnet Fair Men's Hairstyling Product Lineup

We thought it was time we did a little write up showcasing our 'hair' essentials range. We founded Barnet Fair Grooming Essentials with a single goal in mind, to create a confusion-free grooming experience, and we believe we have done just that with our men's hairstyling product lineup.

Anchor - Pomade
Anchor is a specially blended and versatile pomade, allowing you total control over style and sheen. Offering a medium/strong hold and a slick look, the sheen can be varied depending on how wet your hair is when applied. With a water soluble base, this modern twist on a classic pomade is easy to spread and distribute through your hair. Use to create quiffs, pomps and slicked back looks.
£13.95 | 100ml

Our Flex fibre putty is a medium/high hold, elastic fibre putty. Flex allows you to manipulate, separate and add texture and fullness to your hair. While providing a pliable firm hold, it offers a natural sheen finish which doesn't burden the hair and allows for natural movement. Use to create messy/choppy, tousled bedhead looks.
£13.95 | 100ml

Our Haze matte clay is a pliable, dry clay that works by binding individual hairs, adding texture and allowing it to thicken your barnet and shape your chosen style. Haze creates an extreme hold while offering a natural matte look finish. Use to style short/medium textured tops.
£13.95 | 100ml

Ripple is a hybrid salt spray, with a light hold, designed to add texture and volume to wet or dry hair. Enriched with sea salt, Ripple can be used as a first step styling product to achieve top-notch definition and shape, with a truly natural matte finish. Use to create beachy summer looks or use as a pre-styler before blowdrying for that added control and volume.
£15.95 | 250ml

Barnet Fair Grooming Essentials, it's what we do.