4 Steps to Beard Greatness!

Step 1: Wash It

Make sure you give your beard a good wash (at least once a week). Washing your beard will keep it fresh, clean and help soften the bristles. You shouldn’t use regular hair shampoo, but a dedicated beard shampoo. Doing this will also remove any dirt and old product, like oils and balms.

Step 2: Balm It

Using a beard balm will condition and nourish your beard and hair follicles. It will also tame longer bristles and adds moisture to achieve a good volume and shine.

Step 3: Brush It

A good beard brush will help distribute the beard balm through your bristles. It will keep unruly hairs tidy and improve texture. Using a beard brush will also stimulate your beards hair follicles to promote blood circulation at the root.

Step 4: Trim It

Keep on top of the style of your beard with a decent beard trimmer. Your beard won’t always grow evenly, so make sure to keep it in check and shape it up. You want to make sure you get a beard trimmer with a selection of attachments, so you can avoid having to eyeball it! Trim your beard a little shorter on the sides than the bottom, to give it a good shape and use a shorter attachment to trim your moustache and avoid those long nasty bristles gong in your mouth! Define your cheek and necklines and then use a razor to finish off the shaping to get a smooth finish (you can use a post shave balm afterwards).